Energy Storage System

Energy storage system
Including battery cluster, control system, converter system, combiner cabinet, step-up transformer and other main systems, the control system consists of energy management system EMS, battery management system BMS and auxiliary systems(such as fire protection system, thermal management system, monitoring system, etc.).


The application value of energy storage

1. Real-time Power Balance
Power Supply Side:New energy output balance.
Power Grid Side:The power flow is supported by the safe power of the power grid in the receiving end area.
Frequency modulation, response security Incident from power grid.
User Side:Power quality management.

2. Improve System Capacity Factor
Power Supply Side:Improve the reliability of new energy power station capacity.
Power Grid Side:Backup capacity,Blocking management.
User Side:Capacity cost management.

3. Energy Throughput and transfer
Power Supply Side:Improve new energy consumption and receiving capacity.
Power Grid Side:Load shifting.
User Side:Peak and valley arbitrage.

Energy Storage Solutions from Beisit


Power Quick-Plug Solution
——High-protection, quick-plug, prevent mis-plug, 360°free-rotating energy storage connector to achieve quick connection between energy storage battery packs.


Copper Busbar Connection Solution
——Easy to operate, well-structured, cost controlled, optimal connection inside the cabinet can be achieved.


Signal interface connection solution
——Various specifications and types industry standard M12, RJ45 connectors for rotation, stable signal transmission on control boxes.


Cable glands solution
——With industry-leading cable glands manufacturing technology, adapt to multiple application scenarios, with safety and reliability, possible to cross different wire diameters at the same time.

Household energy storage solution


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