• Thermal Management Applications

    Thermal Management Applications

    Methods for achieving cooling in Electronics are changing along with the industry as the demand for efficiency and sustainability continues to increase. Managing heat in electronics has increasingly become one of the biggest challenges in optimizing performance. Thanks t...
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  • Industrial Automation

    Industrial Automation

    How Do Cable Glands Work? Introduction Cable glands are tools which are vital when terminating cables in harsh or hazardous settings. This is where sealing, ingress protection and why cable gland is earthing is required. Its role is to safely pass a tube, wire, or cable through an enclosure. The...
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  • Energy Storage System

    Energy Storage System

    Energy storage system Including battery cluster, control system, converter system, combiner cabinet, step-up transformer and other main systems, the control system consists of energy management system EMS, battery management system BMS and auxiliary systems(such as fire ...
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  • Wind Power

    Wind Power

    1. General Technical requirements of product design a. Product will be used on the sea all year round. Product is stable and reliable(IP67) under the harsh environment of high corrosion and high frequency shaking etc… b. Life time is more than 15 years. c. Work temperatu...
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