Wind Power

1. General Technical requirements of product design
a. Product will be used on the sea all year round. Product is stable and reliable(IP67) under the harsh environment of high corrosion and high frequency shaking etc…
b. Life time is more than 15 years.
c. Work temperature: -40℃~+100℃
d. Protection Class will not change when swing angle able less than 30°.
e. Quick installation, multiple disassemblies, meets the installation requirement of tight ranking and narrow space.


2. Overall Solution
a. Set up project team: engineering, design, quality, production etc…
b. 5 times technical practicability analysis, determined 13 product technical criteria after 8 times design modification.
c. Overall solution confirmed and making samples.


Customized Spanner Wrench
Simulating on-site installation, Constantly improve current design


3. Making samples/Inspection
a. Evaluating and confirming scheme of making samples: confirmed the person in charge, the machines and technology.
b. Samples passed the inspection in our own lab.
c. Passed the Test by SGS who issued the test report.
d. Confirmed by customer.


4. Standard & procedure immobilization
a. Product, standard and procedure customization according to key accounts.
b. Test in factory lab:
1. Reach to IP68 after limitation and high-low temperature test.
2. Reach to IP67 after 3million times swing test.
3. Salt test reaches to more than 480 hours, no obvious corrosion.
4. Can be installed normally after high temperature test of 180℃.


5. Mass production/After-Sales Service
a. Installation training on-site.
b. Customized installation wrench and gauge on-site.
c. Confirmed the best Installation Torque.


Post time: Nov-13-2023